Maurice Caiza Andresen has been rooted in pop culture ever since.

From collecting comic books as a child to being obsessed with Hiphop culture he soon moved from being a consumer to being a curator by organizing concerts in his hometown from which he moved on to organizing the Kicks in the Hall sneaker conventions in several German cities from 2013 until 2019.

In 2016 he was recruited to prestigious distribution company Säck&Nolde to take care of the marketing for brands like Stüssy, Undefeated, Xlarge and Jason Markk among others. At that time he was also involved in consulting online shops.

Since then Caiza is a regular on trade shows and fashion weeks from Berlin to Paris to Copenhagen to take care of showrooms for different brands.

In 2018 he started working as an editor for HHV and continues his work in writing at outlets like Sabukaru.online, Title Magazine or Overkill Blog. 

After moving to Berlin in 2020, Caiza now continues his work on a freelance basis as creative director, consultant and editor. Since then he has worked with brands like Obey, Lacoste, Puma, Polaroid and Sergio Tacchini among others.

Besides that he is co-host at Dress Relief, the only German podcast about street fashion and street culture and responsible for the Obey Art Space Berlin, where he organizes events with artists and brands.

„I see my job as being a cultural curator. Just like a hiphop beat is using samples of other songs to create something new, we use samples of different cultures to create our own identity – without ever forgetting our roots. What I am doing is best described as „edutainment“ – the perfect synopsis of education and entertainment – to teach the world about everything that is worth having a look at.“